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Mobile Repair Centre Over 4 Years

Our Mobile repair centre located at 25 Girlington Road, Bradford, BD8 9NL has been successfully running for over 4 years. We are the best phone repair service and provider of mobile accessories.

We offer a great level of service to meet all the needs of our customers. We provide all repairs for all different handsets and models available.

All of our engineers are highly skilled and trained to do any repair you could have within a good time frame. We have all the tools and components needed to carry out all repairs on any handset or model. Our engineers are able to carry out simple repairs as well as the difficult such as liquid damage. We make sure we have the latest technology and tools to carry out each repair.

Our mobile repair centre is one of the best, providing full range of repair services to our customers. Weather your mobile is for play or work, it is essential for everyone. We understand your mobile is very important to you and so our team provide you with a fast and reliable phone repair service to help you get back online.


Repair it don’t replace it

As technology improves, mobile phones have become more and more technical and complex with amazing new features. With excitement of new features comes with fear of damage. For many people once a phone gets damage they don’t think about repair as to them a repair bill will be quite high. However getting your phone repaired through us means there is no high bill and your phone is repaired with top quality tools. Overall repairing your phone is much more affordable than buying a new one as you don’t need to pay out for a new head set, you won’t need to transfer all your data and buy any new case.

Services we offer

We provide a mass range of services to meet any problem you may come across with your mobile. We deal with damaged screens, charging power faults and many more. We can fix phones which have encountered liquid damage. Our repair service engineers can also deal with mobiles which have software issues which cause system failures. We can also provide data recovery and unlocking of any model of handsets. Our engineers are fully trained to quickly repair all models of handsets. Some of the other services we provide:

  • Unlocking
  • Upgrades and updates of software
  • Accessories

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